White Paper


Putting Social to Work for Your Business

If you want to influence the online conversation about your company, you need dedicated brand advocates who can participate in social media on your behalf. Advocates are invested in your success, aligned with your objectives and willing to defend your company. But where can you find them? Don’t look far. Your best potential social advocates are actually your own employees.

Of course, creating an army of effective employee advocates isn’t something you do overnight. That’s why this white paper takes you through two strategic models for broad social media participation across your company’s workforce: Empowerment and Containment.

putting-social-to-workIn this white paper, learn the basics of scaling up your social presence through employee participation, including:

Why employee advocates are essential to your company’s success

The numbers behind employee advocacy

What motivates employees to advocate for your brand

How to scale up social participation without losing control of your brand   

The steps you can take right now to support employee advocacy

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