More ways to measure your Social Media ROI with HootSuite Enterprise

The HootSuite-Webtrends integration connects social media messages to website conversions and statistics, allowing HootSuite Enterprise customers to optimize their social tactics and compare social media ROI against other channels. The result is an accurate and detailed breakdown of the impact social has on organizational and departmental objectives.

  • Access granular metrics on the efficacy of individual Facebook posts and Tweets, social networks, and social profiles to help optimize posting schedules.
  • Analyze conversion rates to discover strengths and weaknesses in messaging, allowing you to make informed decisions on how best to optimize your social strategy and team structure.
  • “Set it and forget it” - the integration can be quickly set up and results are automatically tracked, eliminating the need for manual tracking parameters.
  • All reporting on social metrics for messages posted through HootSuite is seamlessly rendered in Webtrends.

What does the integration measure?

  • Message Efficacy: Which message types result in the highest number of conversions? What are the best practices for increasing specific on-site actions? Which words drice the most conversions?
  • Social Account: Which Twitter account is the source of the most valuable website traffic? Is there a business case to invest more resources in organic online engagement? Should more or less social accounts be managed?
  • Social Networks: Which platform is providing the greatest return on the brand page: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn? Where is engagement weak, and where is it strong?
  • Time of Day: Which time of day is most effective to drive high-quality traffic to the website? When is the target audience on social and looking to buy

What is HootSuite Enterprise

HootSuite Enterprise is the social media management system for SMEs and Enterprises to manage, measure, and collaborate across multiple social networks from one secure web and mobile dashboard. With the most advanced functionality, training, and support available, brands can efficiently streamline workflow across multiple social networks including acegbook, Twitter, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn, and more. Learn more.