Social Selling within Large Organizations

Social selling is the fuel salespeople need to accelerate sales cycles and improve close rates.

The most successful social sellers go beyond LinkedIn and use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to engage with prospects in the buying process.

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Social Selling within Large Organizations

    Leverage social media to uncover opportunities and increase sales

    Beat the competition with deep observation and understanding of buyers’ needs and buying signals

    Become a trusted advisor to clients by curating thought leadership content 

    Implement an enterprise social selling strategy across your organization

About the Speakers

Charlene Li
Founder, Altimeter Group

Charlene LiCharlene Li is an independent thought leader on social and emerging technologies, with a specific focus on social technologies, Web 2.0, and interactive media, and marketing. As the Founder of Altimeter Group, she brings not only first-hand experience in media, but also strong strategy and business training and experience.
Julio Viskovich
Social Selling Sensei, HootSuite

Julio ViskovichJulio Viskovich has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies including InBev, Roger's Wireless, Microsoft, and now HootSuite to develop, implement, and deliver national sales training and education programs. At HootSuite, Julio develops and delivers enterprise sales and social selling best practice training initiatives in-house and to partners globally. Julio has been appointed one of the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals of 2013, named by InsideView and Social Selling University as one of the top 15 professionals using social selling in 2012, and was featured in Eloqua's Grande Guide to Social Selling.

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