Lecture Series

3 Steps to Social Success in Entertainment

Penni ThowUntil recently, traditional marketing has been at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry. But in today’s digital landscape, radio, TV and print don’t have the same impact they used to, and their audiences are engaging on social media instead. So what does it take to build a loyal and engaged fan base in the entertainment industry today?

HootSuite University is pleased to present 3 Steps to Social Success in Entertainment: How MTV's The Buried Life is Growing a Loyal & Engaged Audience with Penni Thow, Managing Director and Producer of MTV’s The Buried Life. In this Lecture Series, you will learn ...

    3 steps to social success in media & entertainment

    Real-world case studies of how The Buried Life succeeded with social

    Tips & best practices for building fan loyalty & engagement

Meet the Speaker

After spending several years working as a talent agent, Penni Thow moved to Los Angeles to become the Managing Director and Producer for The Buried Life – a project spanning television, social media, and interactive live shows that encourage people to go after their dreams. With a strong desire to constantly be learning, Penni challenges herself by taking innovative ideas in social enterprise and growing them into sustainable actions.