Secure Your Social Enterprise with HootSuite and Nexgate

As large organizations amplify their messages and engage with customers at unprecedented levels, essential security and compliance issues must be addressed.

This is particularly important for organizations within regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance.

Find out how HootSuite & Nexgate protect and enable enterprise customers to securely leverage the social web, in the on-demand webinar, “Secure Your Social Enterprise with HootSuite & Nexgate.” You’ll learn:

Secure Your Social Enterprise with HootSuite & Nexgate

How to identify and understand your enterprise social footprint

Establishing, monitoring, and protecting your brand(s) and employees on thesocial web

Managing how third-party apps are accessing and posting to your controlled social media assets

Preventing non-compliant communication through policy management and enforcement, controlled workflows and security tools (especially important for FINRA, HIPPA, PCI and other regulatory requirements)


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