Sales is Social: A Webinar with LinkedIn

As social media blurs the line between personal and work-related communication, sales professionals have new social channels to create meaningful relationships with customers.

With over 175 million users, LinkedIn is a rich source of sales leads. But how do you access them? Learn how to implement a scalable social media sales strategy that gets results, directly from LinkedIn.

Watch the LinkedIn webinar, “Sales is Social,” now and learn:


Networking tips: How to use LinkedIn and other social networks to foster connections and relationships.

The basics: How social selling is changing the sales game with new opportunities for companies and sales professionals.

Best practices: Build your personal brand on social media to add credibility to yourself and your company.

Case studies and real-world examples of sales professionals using social selling to amplify their results.

Start driving results with the inside scoop on social selling from the world’s largest professional social network. 

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