Introduction to Social Networks
20-minute Video Course

Social media moves fast. Everyday, every social network is evolving, and customers are actively engaging on these networks, which means businesses can now connect with customers in more meaningful ways.

Stay up to speed and learn how to get the most value from social media with HootSuite University’s video courseware Introduction to Social Networks. This straight forward lesson includes 9 quick videos on how to get started with today’s top social networks, and how businesses are using them to achieve their goals. In 20 minutes, learn how to effectively engage on:

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google+
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Instagram
    6. YouTube
    7. Pinterest
    8. Tumblr
    9. Foursquare

Get a sneak peek in this lesson excerpt on Tumblr – what is it, who’s using it, and how to get started:

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