Tips & Best Practices for Getting Started on Social Media Within Your Organization
20-minute video courseware from HootSuite University

In today’s digital landscape, 77% of companies consider a lack of digital skills among employees a key hurdle to their digital transformation. Organizations are ready to go social, but what about their employees? How can you arm yourself with current digital skills and knowledge to stand out and support your organization’s key business objectives?

Put your best foot forward and learn how social media is being successfully used across today’s leading organizations with HootSuite University’s video courseware, Social Media for Organizations.

Get a sneak peek in this lesson excerpt on how to Get Valuable Product Feedback on social media:

In this 20 minute course, you’ll learn how to get started with social media within your organization. Explore concrete examples of how different departments across an organization, not just marketing, are using social media to:

  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Increase sales
  • Keep customers happy
  • Find new talent
  • Gain valuable industry insights

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