Social Agency Kit: Get Strategic With Social

This Agency Kit is designed to educate you and your agency on how to use the comprehensive services of HootSuite Enterprise to build collaborative, lasting relationships with clients.

You will learn how to organize your agency’s account teams, streamline your publishing across multiple brands, save time and money with automated reporting, and more. You’ll also see how other agencies are using HootSuite Enterprise to deliver world-class social media strategy for their clients.

Webinar: HootSuite for Agencies


In this presentation, we will explore the different ways that agencies optimize HootSuite Enterprise for their needs. We will dive into their HootSuite organizational structures, dashboards, and custom workflows, and also demonstrate how they integrate clients and report internally and externally.

Agency Infosheet

whitepaperLearn how HootSuite Enterprise can adapt to the structure of your agency and the goals of your clients. In one convenient document, we explain HootSuite’s versatile role within your agency’s social media cycle of listening, engagement and analysis.

5 Steps to Becoming a Social Agency with HootSuite

whitepaperThis detailed guide will walk you through several of HootSuite’s most powerful features. Find out how to organize and compartmentalize your account teams, and see how you can manage unlimited social profiles without sacrificing security. Learn how to use HootSuite’s native analytics and automated reporting for clients or internal use.

Case Study: MediaLeaders & The Palms Hotel

whitepaperThis case study is an excellent demonstration of how an agency can deliver quantifiable revenue directly from a social media campaign. Using HootSuite, the MediaLeaders team managed The Palms Hotel’s social networks, engaged with their customers, and tracked their campaign’s success with such precision that actual room bookings could be traced to individual tweets.



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