Social Business Kit: Get Organized

These materials are designed to educate you and your team on how to effectively implement and use social media in order to maximize business results.

Learn how Sales, Marketing, HR, PR and Customer Support all play a role in your developing social strategy.

White Paper: Organizing Your Social Business

HootGuide For GAFind out how social is amplifying corporate culture on behalf of HR, streamlining workflow, developing and nurturing leads for sales and monitoring your business’ social ROI. But before jumping to the social enterprise finish line, let’s walk your business through the parameters for social organizing to set up solid foundations. Learn how to organize teams, establish centralized control over social tools, discover which teams own social and why and strategize around best practices.

This white paper is designed to take enterprises at any stage of social media maturity to the next level of organization.

Webinar: Organizing Your Social Business


In this presentation, Ben Watson, CMO of Whatnexx, will speak about organizing your business to implement social media effectively. He will do a deep dive into the different roles of an organization. Viewers will learn about the different levels of social media maturity, and how to develop an effective and scalable organizational strategy at any stage.

White Paper: Social Media Best Practices

WebinarBefore you start, strategize! When integrating multiple teams throughout your organization for an enterprise-wide social media effort, a little structure and planning will ensure social success.

This paper will introduce you to the necessary steps you should take to employ HootSuite social media best practices.



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