Lecture Series

How to Secure Your Organization in the Social Era

cam-uganecWhile 65% of companies have risk mitigation or crisis management policies around social media, only 27% say that employees are properly trained, according to The Altimeter Group.

As the social media maturity of your organization grows, so too should your social media governance. You might have a social media policy in place, but is it up to date? Does it actually support your current social business strategy? And more importantly, do your employees know about the policy and understand it?

HootSuite University is pleased to present Securing Your Organization in the Social Era: An Approach to Social Media Governance, Guidelines, and Education with Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group. In this 22-minute webinar, you’ll explore:

    7 success factors of a social business strategy

    Steps to developing governance

    Why social media education is necessary

Meet the Speaker

Charlene Li is an independent thought leader on social and emerging technologies, with a specific focus on social technologies, Web 2.0, and interactive media, and marketing. As the Founder of Altimeter Group, She brings not only first-hand experience in media, but also strong strategy and business training and experience.