HootSuite Managed Services:
Security & Compliance

As your organization activates more business units on social media, there is a need to manage increasingly complex security and compliance challenges that come with scale. HootSuite Managed Security and Compliance Service allows your business to reap the rewards of enterprise-scale social communication without overwhelming compliance professionals or putting your brand at risk.

HootSuite Managed Security and Compliance Services provides your organization the expertise to secure your brand assets, monitor for real-time security breaches and annually perform crisis simulations, to ensure your organization is securely and compliantly deploying it’s social media strategies.

HootSuite Managed Services

Secure your organization against social media threats with tools, training, and services, set up for your organization.


Social Asset Audit

Conduct an audit to discover your organization’s social media footprint, including fraudulent or unauthorized accounts.

  • Identify what is or isn’t an authorized social media profile and help remove illegitimate profiles from the web.
  • Create an Access Control Map of the social profiles that are legitimate to establish a secure publishing environment. This map will outline all the profiles along with which Social Relationship Platforms are allowed to post to those profiles.

Crisis Training

Crisis Training and Simulation

Understand what situations may cause an exponential increase from the usual volume on your social media accounts (e.g. new product launch, negative publicity, natural disasters).

  • Training on a response plan.
  • A simulation of a “situation” in a controlled social environment, where-by a response team will execute a response plan they’ve been trained on.
  • On completion of the situational simulation, HootSuite will provide an executive summary outlining areas for potential improvement on the process along with recommendations on specific individuals on the team who may require additional training.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Profile Monitoring

Ongoing service that monitors your organization’s social media profiles for any security and compliance breaches.

  • A needs analysis to establish the required security and compliance triggers and notification process
  • Establish real-time content moderation to ensure all published content on social media conforms with the client’s predetermined compliance policies (such as FINRA, HIPAA, SEC and PCI). If content violates policy, it can be automatically logged, archived or removed.
  • Receive custom notifications whenever changes are made to account profiles and immediately lock the account to stop hackers from co-opting brand and followers.

Secure Your Social Assets

Featuring scalable solutions for companies of any size, HootSuite Managed Security & Compliance Services are your best line of defense against internal and external threats. Get the peace-of-mind you need to securely embrace social media in your organization.

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