HootSuite Enterprise expands security and compliance offering

As large organisations amplify their messages and engage with customers at unprecedented levels, new security and compliance issues need to be addressed. This is even more important for organisations within regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance.

Together with Nexgate and Global Relay, HootSuite Enterprise provides customers with one of the most comprehensive compliance and security solutions to protect enterprise brands and their employees.

Securing your social media environment: Stop hackers from hijacking your brand-owned accounts. Receive custom alerts whenever changes are made to account profiles

Comprehensive compliance coverage: Automatically scan, classify and enforce acceptable use policy on your owned social sites

Automate content moderation: Improve efficiency using automatic content scanning to inspect for hygiene

Automated Account Discovery: Automatically search, categorize, and monitor for social media accounts affiliated with a brand

Audit and archive capabilities: Improve record keeping of your brand’s social media networks

Discover how to securely scale social in your organization, in compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements. Request a demo now.



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