As your law firm turns to social media to engage prospects, clients, and industry peers, you need a proven social relationship platform to securely manage your social media initiatives—and ensure you remain compliant.

The majority of AmLaw firms rely on Hootsuite Enterprise to make managing their social media initiatives safer and easier, even in the most complex organizational structures.

Download this short guide to discover how Hootsuite can help your firm:

  • Coordinate and amplify your social messaging—with an effective, centralized solution for managing social across all accounts, practice groups, and offices.
  • Spot crises and trends earlier—with broad, real-time social media listening for client and competitor research and crisis management.
  • Reach a wider audience—with strategies and solutions that make it easier to find the content that resonates with prospects, journalists, and industry peers.
  • Secure your social media presence and protect your brand—with automatic alerts and centralized management of all social media accounts, team members, and attorneys active on social media.
  • Measure your global impact—with aggregate reporting of all social media activity across all teams and intuitive reports showing your share of voice against competing firms.

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