Unlock Your People Power with Custom Social Media Training

Do your employees have the social media skills they need
to contribute to your organization’s success?

If your people don’t have the right social media training,
your organization—and its ability to adapt—could be at risk.

Key benefits of effective social media training:

Amplify your messaging—by safely encouraging employees to become brand advocates

Reduce the risk of social media mishaps—by ensuring baseline knowledge of social media etiquette and best practices

Drive new revenue and efficiencies—by supporting social selling, social customer service, and other initiatives

Boost recruitment efforts—by empowering staff to act as ambassadors for your organization

Support your social strategy—by helping your people understand social media’s impact on your business

77% of companies consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their digital transformation.

– Capgemini Consulting

43% of companies identified internal social media education as a top social business priority, while only 38% indicate having such a program in place, or in progress.

– Altimeter Group

education_quote_left As we move into a more digital realm, social is going to play a key role in how we engage with and better understand our customers. Arming colleagues with the skills they need is the first step. education_quote_right

- Clay Stobaugh, CMO

Give your employees the social media skills and confidence they
need with Hootsuite’s Custom Education

Get industry-leading, always up-to-date social media training developed
by the experts at Hootsuite—customized to your exact needs.


Tailored Content and Curriculum

Work with our industry-leading social media experts to develop customized training that addresses your company’s highest risks—and biggest opportunities.


Simple and Scalable Platform

Ensure broad participation and easy on-boarding with our scalable learning platform. Dynamic assessments let you track employee success and certification–across your organization.

Flexible Learning Packages

Strategic Training

Align your workforce’s skills to support your unique social media goals and strategy—from social selling to employee advocacy—in a way off-the-shelf programs simply can’t.

education_quote_left “We partnered with Hootsuite because of their expertise in the social space and the flexibility of the program. I love that we are able to mix the great content from Hootsuite’s existing education programs with our Wiley needs to create a comprehensive course for our global colleagues. education_quote_right

- Clay Stobaugh, CMO

How Wiley Achieved a 90% lift in Employee Engagement

Discover how global publisher Wiley uses customer education to give its people the skills and confidence to engage their customers on social media.

Read the Case Study

Some of the organizations that have benefited from
Hootsuite’s social media education programs

Hootsuite has given over 100,000 people the social media skills, strategic insight, and certification they need to confidently contribute to their organizations’ success.



Florida Panthers

Coors Light


Newhouse School


Boston University

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