Empower your employees through Hootsuite’s Custom Education.

Today’s organizations are ready to go social,
but what about your employees?

Professional social media education is key to addressing today’s growing digital
skills gap and empowering an engaged workforce.

Key Benefits of Company-wide Social Media Education

Empower employees to become brand advocates

Mitigate social media risk

Develop an understanding of social media’s business impact

Ensure baseline knowledge of social media best practices

43% of companies identified internal social media education as a top social business priority, while only 38% indicate having such a program in place, or in progress.

– Altimeter Group

education_quote_left As we move into a more digital realm, social is going to play a key role in how we engage with and better understand our customers. Arming colleagues with the skills they need is the first step. education_quote_right

- Clay Stobaugh, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Hootsuite's Custom Education

Empower your digital workforce to confidently and successfully
engage on social media through tailored education programs.

Flexible Learning Packages

Flexible Learning Packages

Select lessons off-the-shelf from our extensive library of educational content, addressing your specific social media education needs.


Tailored Content and Curriculum

Work alongside our industry-leading experts to develop customized lessons, based on your company’s top priority objectives.


Simple and Scalable

Roll out your education program through a private platform with easy on-boarding, dynamic assessments, and strong analytics.

education_quote_left I’m thrilled that Wiley partnered with Hootsuite because of their expertise in the social space and the flexibility of the program. We were able to mix the great content from Hootsuite University and the Newhouse-Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification with our corporate needs to provide a comprehensive skill set for our global colleagues. education_quote_right

- Clay Stobaugh, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Who Hootsuite Educates

Hootsuite has educated over 60,000 businesses and professionals on social media.



Florida Panthers

Coors Light


Newhouse School


Boston University

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