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 Compliance Guide


Ensure Social Media Compliance Across Your Organization

Customers now expect the same level of service on social media from financial firms, insurance providers, and other regulated enterprises as they receive from technology and retail companies. But without the right compliance controls in place, your organization could violate customer privacy rules and other regulatory guidelines.

Having a social media policy, training employees, and using the right technology are all critical. Are you taking the right steps to ensure compliance? This Compliance Guide explores:

Ensure Social Media Compliance Across Your Organization

Security, training and supervision of social media communication to maintain compliance

Integrating social media into your existing archiving and compliance practices

Managing custom social media policies across different business units and social media accounts

Five Steps to Social Media Compliance

Learn about regulations that may affect financial, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other industries using social media.

The Five-Step Guide for Better Social Media Security

Avoid security pitfalls and ensure that your team takes the right steps to safely unleash the power of social media.

Secure Your Social Organization with HootSuite Enterprise

Learn how to protect your organization from malware, unauthorized or fraudulent accounts, and data leakage.