Monitor, measure and engage in social activity around your brand and market.

HootSuite Command Center is a fully-customizable, enterprise-class data visualization tool that combines the leading social engagement platform with real-time social analytics and powerful collaboration tools in one central hub.

Coordinate social media communications across departments and geographies, to listen to and engage with all your target audiences. Drive engagement, improve customer-care, manage and protect your brand, and drive operational efficiency.

HootSuite Command Center

Engagement Consumer engagement
Manage and grow your community, and easily identify and engage with influencers.
Customer Service Customer service
Solve customer support issues quickly and efficiently, turning potential issues into brand advocacy.
Crisis Containment Crisis containment and communications
Identify crises in the making and communicate effectively, before they escalate.
Real-Time Real-time content creation
Create real-time content based on what’s happening now.
Product Innovation Product innovation
Innovate your products and services in conjunction with your social community.

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HootSuite Command Center for Enterprises

command center

Drive Drive internal and external visibility for your company’s social initiatives
Monitor KPIs in real-time, enabling quicker responses to enhance and protect your brand.
Activate Activate and coordinate company-wide social resources and activities
Unite social media, digital marketing, CRM, sales and support, to reach their unique audiences and monitor their most important metrics as they happen.
Monitor Monitor and react to metrics that matter in real-time
Extend the HootSuite dashboard with live social analytics visualizations, configurable for large screens (TVs), PCs and mobile devices. Easily add data feeds from other systems, such as web analytics or CRM.
Mobilize Mobilize team members through a suite of apps for iOS and Android
Manage communities or crises, execute campaigns, and conduct market research 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere.

HootSuite Command Center for Agencies

Looking for opportunities to extend your social offering? Demonstrate social leadership and re-energize client relationships with a social media command center powered by HootSuite.

Transform the way you approach social opportunities, driving engagement and visibility for your clients, and new revenue streams for your agency.

Extend Extend your client engagement opportunities
Drive top-line growth with a suite of high-value HootSuite Command Center tools and services, including strategy, platform, and execution.
Collaborate Easily collaborate in real-time
Enhance client-agency interactions, improve campaign execution, and minimize reaction times with our robust collaboration tools.

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